Love 'em until you can't anymore

We believe in the quality of our products. And we're willing to put it to the test. If your socks have found themselves at the end of their life, we'll replace them* - no questions asked.

Send a Request

Easy as 1-2-3

Ship Us Your Old Pair

Send us an email at requesting a warranty exchange and we'll get a ticket going for ya. We'll send you a warranty letter verifying we've received your claim. Clean, pack and ship your socks to us with a copy of your warranty letter.

We'll Send You a Code For a New Pair

Once we receive your old socks and validate your claim, we'll email you a one time code good for one new pair of socks with free shipping.

Replace Your Socks and Revel in the Renewed Comfort

Use the provided code to order a new pair of socks on our website. Did we mention we'll even cover shipping? It's really that simple. Then go ahead and brag on us, we'll try not to blush.

Just double check your damage doesn’t fall under these categories

We want you to love your socks forever, but can only replace them if they’ve been well worn under normal conditions. Unfortunately, we can’t be responsible for socks turned into dog toys or burned by the campfire. If you’re unsure if your pair qualifies, just shoot us an email. We’ll let you know for sure if you’re covered.

Pet Chew Holes

We love seeing happy, playful pups, but sadly can't trade out socks that have become chew toys.

Abnormal Snags and Tears

Should you find yourself trudging shoeless through the forest, just know we're impressed! But also know that obvious snags and tears outside of normal wear can't be covered under our guarantee.

Lost or Stolen Socks

Lost a sock? Damn. We hate to hear it... Unfortunately we can't replace lost or stolen socks. But our shop is up 24/7, and we ship fast!

Singe or Burn Marks

Do have have amazing fire walking skills? So rad. But be sure to do it barefoot because we can't replace singed socks. And you'll be bummed to lose 'em this way.

Ready to trade?

Shoot us an email request and we'll get on it like white on rice.

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