Work Sox

You wouldn't use low quality tools on the job.

You need the only socks designed for guys who spend their days in boots.

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Moisture Wicking & Antimicrobial

So your feet stay dry and your socks don’t stink after a long day. Go ahead and tell your lady “you’re welcome.” 

Cushioned Heel & Toe

No one deserves blisters from a hard day’s work. Except maybe your mother in law. Maybe don’t let her get her mitts on these. 

Arch Support

No slipping and sliding allowed here. It’s like an all day foot hug that you didn’t know you needed. 

Kickass designs

Our styles change every month and they never repeat. Which means you could be the only guy on site with that design. Go on and brag. We’ll wait.

Never run out of good socks

Sometimes work sucks, but your socks don't have to

Why deny yourself the comfort and joy you deserve? Especially when you can save 40% and get a fresh new pair delivered straight to your door every month.  Just be sure to tell the lady in your life to skip the bulk pack of cotton socks for Christmas this year. You won’t be going back to those.


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Moisture wicking
Temperature Regulating
Arch support
Padded Toe & Heel
Made in the USA probably not GUARANTEED 🇺🇸
Lifetime Guarantee
the best socks for boots. period.
the best socks for boots. period.